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Teachers Worth Checking Out Online
Mrs. Dent Scarcello on Twitter @lesliedent
Kathy Schrock
Sal's Fiction Addiction
Mrs. Gibson's Wiki
Mrs. Malkoske's Blog
Mrs. Loewen
Mrs. Froese
Mrs. Cassidy's Blog
Mrs. Cassidy's Webpage
Mrs. Cassidy's YouTube
2M Gems Blog
Twitter for Teachers - a list of tweeting teachers and what they are about
Language Arts and Daily Five
Create newspaper clippings from your own content!
Tumble Books text to voice and download
International Reading Association
Robert Munsch Activities

Week by Week Essentials for math
SmartBoard PD Links: logical thinking games already created lessons go underwater solar system on the SMARTboard Simple Machines

Web Tools find sound files to download royalty free images
Literacy with ICT
Literacy with ICT
Search for copyright free images and music
Create your own surverys for free
Literacy with ICT Wiki
Recommended websites from Exploratorium
The Wired Librarian