Canada's North - Grade 4

Grade 4 is exploring Canada's North. Here we will share our process, things we know and wonder and our online research links.

We are using Linoitto record things we already know, things we wonder and things we learn along the way.

Life in Iqaluit, Nunavut

Research Links:
Wikipedia for Kids A version of wikipedia written in simple English.
KidZone Information on province/territory and photos of symbols
Stats Canada Information on the population of provinces/territories in Canada
Canadian Info General information about Canada created by a teacher in Ontario
Atlas of Canada
Land, resources, water and wildlife
Climate Change
Eco Kids (learn about lifestyle and knowledge)
Northern Seasons (explore a year in Canada's North; click on "Take the tour" to begin)
Plants and Animals in the North
The Inuit - Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
Nunavut - Confederation - Gov't of Canada
Fun Facts for Kids - Canadian Geographic Kids (click on Nunavut on the map of Canada)
Animals Native to Nunavut - Canadian Geographic Kids
Nunavut - Government of Nunavut
Nunavut Facts About Nunavut - Government of Nunavut
Nunavut Tourism (what people might travel here for)
Explore Nunavut (more tourism info)
Nunavut City of Iqaluit
The Arctic - Sask Schools (all about wildlife, plants, people, Canada's northern communities)
The Inuktitut Alphabet
Yukon - Government of Yukon
Yukon Tourism
Yukon - Attractions Canada - more tourism
Northwest Territories - Government of NWT
Northwest Territories - Spectacular Northwest Territories